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Telling a Visual Story with Music

When it’s done right, a quality video, like a good movie, is more than the sum of its parts. You don’t notice how all the different elements mesh; from sound design to cinematography to editing, the art, as Shakespeare once put it, is to conceal the art. One of the most effective tools in a visual storyteller’s kit isn’t even visual. It’s the music you hear while you’re engaging with the story. Chosen and deployed properly, music is a force multiplier, increasing the emotional impact of the story you’re telling, and it’s a key part of everything we do at 24Frames.

Music and video go together like a I-V-vi-IV progression, making visual storytelling with music one of the most effective tools in the visual storyteller’s kit.
Music Video shoot for the Bosman Twins

Why Music and Video?

The old cliche says that a picture is worth a thousand words. There’s a degree of truth in that, but even when we’re shooting 4K video at sixty frames per second, we can’t count on each of those frames doing all the heavy lifting. Music doesn’t just fill in the gaps; it’s often the glue that holds everything together, lending structure and heft.

How Music Helps You Tell Your Story

Another cliche we hear a lot: “Show, don’t tell.” And we’re careful about what we show so those images tell a story, especially at times when too many words would be a distraction from what’s on the screen. But a bunch of images devoid of sound gets dull pretty quickly, which is why there was usually a pianist, organist, or small combo playing even in the old silent movie theaters.

What does this mean when we’re telling your story? If we’re touring a property for a realtor, or as exposition for a client video, the music bed is a subtle way to alter the viewer’s frame of mind, priming them to receive and understand your underlying message.

Video storytelling with music works for nonprofit organizations as well. After all, a long speech could cause your viewers to tune out — people’s attention spans aren’t what they used to be — or someone might focus on a part of the message that isn’t quite as important. Music lets you fill the space while hitting a few key bullet points that are your key takeaways.

How it Works

Not sure how best to use music? We’ll help. The first step in the process is understanding your overarching story. From that consultation, we’ll build out storyboards and an outline for your shoot. Armed with that understanding (and your approval), we’ll find an appropriate piece of licensed music that fits the tone and mood you aim to set, then edit our footage to tightly match the words and music alike.

Narrative video is our specialty, but we’re mindful that the visuals that are our stock in trade have their limits. That’s why we look beyond the “look,” ensuring that our work envelops the senses and brings your viewer along for the journey. For help telling your brand story, explaining your mission, or promoting a new product or service, reach out to 24Frames today.

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