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You have mere seconds to make a first impression. When you’re promoting your organization or business with commercial video, how do you make sure your signal breaks through the noise, or makes a dent in shrinking attention spans? And how do you make sure those precious seconds entice someone to learn more, instead of reaching for the remote or clicking to another tab?     People are hard-wired for stories, especially when those stories are told visually. Those visuals can be more memorable, and are capable of imparting knowledge faster than stills or text. The right story can lead to a shift in mindset, which in turn leads to engagement and action. ​ The team at 24Frames knows you have a compelling story that deserves to be seen and heard. But it needs to be the right story, told the right way. What matters to you may not be what resonates with a potential client, because it doesn’t address their needs. That’s why we personalize the problem and the solution alike so your viewer is drawn into the story. That leaves them invested in the outcome, and lets them see themselves as part of the solution.    However, there’s a catch. Commercial video needs to get the details right. That means optimizing your message for the different media — broadcast, social, and web — in which it will be seen. It’s just as important to put each element of the process, from sound and visuals to storyboarding, color grading, and editing, in service to the story. Your high-end product or service deserves video that reflects the quality you offer.

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