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Sometimes less is more. A couple of well-placed chords can add suspense or surprise (if we mention a shark or a shower, your mind is already mentally filling in the tune), or can underscore a moment of excitement or joy. Music videos are an excellent way to tell a big story in a short period of time. Music videos work to great effect when the images themselves can’t carry all the narrative weight on their own. This can be true of a wide range of situations, including property tours and certain types of brand storytelling. It’s also shown to be highly effective for many of our nonprofit clients, including the YMCA Summer Camp, the St. Louis MDA Walk, and our Emmy Award-winning introduction to the American Cancer Society Gala. The process is simple. We take the time to understand your storytelling goals. After storyboarding and shooting, we’ll choose an appropriate licensed music track to set the mood, and then tightly edit our cinematic shots to match the ebb and flow of the music.  What results is a hybrid of music video production and narrative film. With the addition of a bit of spoken word, we can emphasize certain points in short form, providing an audible “caption” that drives the narrative forward. It goes without saying that vision is a key part of your narrative. But just as often, what you don’t see has a lot to say as well. That’s why music perfectly compliments cinematography and storytelling, helping you set the perfect mood for a video that’s memorable.

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