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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If a single still frame can communicate that much information and emotion, just imagine the impact of thirty frames per second. Narrative video from 24Frames gives you the bones on which to flesh out your brand story, getting that story across in a way that resonates in our visually-saturated lives. When we think of narrative, many of us think of longer-form storytelling that’s made possible in movies like Casablanca, Titanic, or the Star Wars saga. There’s an element of that in narrative video, but the fact is that you don’t need a cast of thousands, jaw-dropping special effects, or breathtaking scenic vistas. Those things certainly don’t hurt, but the reason those films stick with us is that they speak to something in us that’s bigger than ourselves. At its best, narrative video is capable of doing the same things. It adopts many of the same principles as a feature film, but condenses them to a two to four minute format. What makes it so effective? By itself, your brand, and the service or product you offer, are an abstraction, and people don’t get attached to abstractions. But if you can make the abstract real by putting a face on it, you’re humanizing your brand and your offering, and providing a point of connection. The emotional connection enabled by narrative video breathes life into your business. More than a commodity, your product or service becomes something that is at once relevant and indispensable to the people you serve.

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