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24 Seconds of June

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Every month, I look for some material (weather, work or fun related) that showcases nicely in a video. This gives me an opportunity to practice my craft in a fun and expressive nature. This month is EXTRA special with the St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup!

I said to myself, “If the Blue’s win game 7, I’m going to the parade and documenting this amazing moment for our city!” With only 90 minutes to spend, and rain dominating the forecast, my wife and I packed our umbrellas, coolers and video equipment, and stood along Market Street. We stood about 15 rows back from the street, with a semi-obstructed view of the parade.

Using my handheld gimbal, monopod and long telephoto lens, I was able to shoot from a fan’s perspective; it was wild, crazy and unbelievably uplifting to be amongst so many St. Louisans, celebrating a great moment in history. I hope you enjoy the view I had and the guy being handed a beer while viewing the parade from a tree.☺️

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