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Corporate Video Production for the Holidays

Video Caption: A video montage of Mark and Hilary's trip to Europe, put to the tune of Silver Bells. Mark plays guitar and sings while you get a glimpse of him and his wife's trip at the Christmas markets in 2018.

Getting the timing right for corporate video production for the holidays can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be when you have a professional videography partner. With a few corporate video production tips, 24Frames can help you and your business get back on track.

Benefits of Corporate Video Production

“So, what’s in this for me?” you ask.

  • You can connect without being “salesy”, since this is one time of year when people appreciate not being bombarded with yet another advert

  • You can take the opportunity to highlight the good you’ve done throughout the year with community involvement and charitable initiativesYour video may even go viral within your community, giving you earned media and great exposure

  • If your video takes a collaborative approach among your staff, it’s a good way to build morale without dreaded team-building exercises

  • If you’re just dipping your toe into the waters of video marketing, this is a great starting point with less stress than you’d experience if you had a full-fledged marketing campaign tied to your efforts

Five Corporate Videos for the Holiday Season

There are literally dozens of approaches to video marketing, but the ones below share a few things in common. They’re easy to do well; they don’t require a blockbuster budget; and — perhaps most importantly — they’re easier to do when time is tight, which is no small consideration when your to-do list finds you putting off video ’til the last minute.

Where We’ve Been

We’ve all gotten one of those holiday newsletters that lets us know in exhausting detail what our long-lost relatives are up to. Sometimes they’re even a great reminder why we keep some people at a distance. But if your business or organization has had a notable year, it helps to let your followers know where their investment in you — both monetary and emotional — is going.

Where We’re Going

Not every year is newsworthy, of course. Maybe your biggest news is just over the horizon. You can use your video to preview the year ahead, giving your new product or service launch, or your impending community initiative, a bigger impact. A bit of effort now can pay dividends later on, since you will already have primed your audience.