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A Quick Guide to Video Production Insurance

Let’s go behind the scenes, shall we? This won’t be your typical glance behind the curtain at the glitz and glamor (sorry). Instead, we’re looking at one of the more pedestrian parts of the 24Frames’ workflow: insurance. Learn more about it and why it’s important for our protection and peace of mind as well as yours.

Video production insurance helps to protect videographer and client alike, mitigating against the risks that come with the job so you don’t have to worry.
24Frames' Cinema Grade Cameras (The Canon C200)

What is Video Production Insurance?

As occupations go, video production isn’t especially risky. However, no business (ours included) is completely risk free, so we carry video production insurance to mitigate against those risks. Rather than bore you with the costs, amounts covered, and other minutiae, we’ll just give you the broad outlines of our two most important policies and the coverage they offer.


Equipment Insurance

This covers our gear against loss, damage, and theft. On the one hand, this means that if something happens on the project before yours, we can replace gear quickly without losing a step; on the other, if something happens on your premises, you won’t have to worry about paying out-of-pocket.


General Liability Insurance

Workplace injuries are expensive. Accidents on the job that cause property damage don’t come cheap, either. Whether we’re hurt on the job, or if our actions cause damage to life, limb, or property, we’re fully covered so your policy and premiums don’t take a hit.

Why Video Production Insurance Matters

We mentioned earlier that this is as much for your protection as ours. We know that many of our clients require insurance during shoots. Furthermore, we would carry insurance regardless because as careful as we are, we’re acutely aware that accidents can still happen. If you’re working with an uninsured videographer — and there are far too many of them out there — the costs they incur, whether through their negligence, clumsiness, or a freak accident, can end up coming out of your pocket. We prefer to have full coverage, hoping we’ll never need it, than to need it and come up short. We think you’d agree.

DJI drone flight in New Zealand
Mark getting drone footage in New Zealand

Commercial drone work requires an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate to hold insurance. We are covered on both these fronts.

Insurance and Your Video Production Costs

By now, you’ve got a clearer idea of the insurance we carry, and why we carry it — that is, what’s in it for you. However, you’re probably also wondering what that means for you in terms of video production costs.

We handle nearly every aspect of production in-house, including scriptwriting, shooting, lighting, sound and editing, in collaboration with you. Part of the goal here is to keep the process as consistent as it is simple; however, it also allows us to control costs without nickel-and-diming our clients for every last item. Our approach to insurance is the same, typically included in the cost of the project save for exceptional cases where a line item is called for because the project budget or other concerns would require a much higher degree of coverage than normal.

So there you have it — our behind-the-scenes look at video production insurance. Whether you have questions about our coverage, or about the contours of your next commercial video project, why not get in touch?

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